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Carpet Protection Treatments

In recent years, carpet manufacturers have begun applying carpet protector treatment as standard practice.  However, the effectiveness of this treatment wears off through use over time.

If you bought a new carpet 3-4 years ago, it may now be time to renew the protective layer in order to keep your carpet looking clean and extend its life.

Blocking carpet stains

Our professional quality, odourless fluoro-polymer carpet and fabric stain protector, gently coats and protect the fibres of your carpet against water and oil based spills.

The solution also contains a stain blocker additive which makes it easier to remove dye-based stains, including food colouring and inks, easier to remove if you do accidentally spill something.

Fluoroseal®: How it works

Our industry-leading carpet protector solution is applied straight after your carpets or upholstery have been deep-cleaned.  The treatment acts like a non-stick frying pan; dirt finds it almost impossible to stick to the protected fibres. Spills stay on the surface, so they’re easier to mop up and dust can’t penetrate the fibres, so is more easily vaccuumed.

Cleaner carpets for longer

The protective treatment can stay active for between 3-4 years and will stand up to two sessions of carpet deep-cleaning (hot water extraction method) before it needs to be reapplied.  Your treated carpets and upholstery will stay cleaner for up to three times longer than untreated ones.

Not sure about something? Check out our carpet protection FAQs here.

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