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One-off deep cleans, emergency or periodic cleaning

  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

  • Removing all algae, moss and dirt

  • Immaculate, fast Car Park pressure washing

  • Improve the look and ambience of your Car Parks

  • Experienced, reliable trusted cleaning staff

Tick - Commercial and Domestic Cleaning

Trusted & Experienced

For all kinds of cleaning services, we know what works. A clean property maintains its looks and its value.

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We’ll never let you down. No hanging around, no missed appointments. We’ll be on time – every time.

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Regular domestic or commercial cleaning contracts. Transparent no-nonsense pricing.

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We set the bar high – high for the quality of work, for the value we bring and for our world-class customer service.

Multi Storey Car Park Cleaning

Do your car parks look dirty and unwelcoming?
Do they give a poor and depressing experience to your users?
Are they spoiled by chewing gum, dirt, grime, litter, and oil spills?

Here’s the answer:
Regular, thorough Car Park cleaning from Stardust Cleaning Services

Deep Clean Car Park Cleaner

Do you own a business with a Car Park?
Are you the facilities manager for a property or a local authority?
Take a look at your parking areas – a good look. Of course, you and your work colleagues might get used to them as the grime and stains build up.
But how do they look to your guests and visitors?
Remember – the longer you leave your surface uncleaned, the more stubborn the dirt will become. A regularly cleaned Car Park will work wonders for your image and reputation.

Car Parks take quite a hammering from heavy use throughout the year and need Industrial cleaning regularly. They suffer from a build-up of oil, petrol, and diesel stains as well as chewing gum, dirt, litter, and grime.

This is where we come in. Our fully trained technicians will maintain and keep your car park clean and tidy – excellent for the image of your business and the safety of your customers or visitors.

Which areas do we clean?

We clean Car Park surfaces of all types – resin decks, tarmac, concrete or block paving. Whatever the surface, we consistently demonstrate world-class standards of cleaning for our car park clients, without regular cleaning, it’s so easy for oil, carbon monoxide penetration and a build-up of detritus to lead to long-term damage.

This, in turn, can lead to reduced revenue, dissatisfied customers, a poor parking experience and a significantly reduced life expectancy for your car park surfaces.

The alternative to regular cleaning is expensive and time-consuming repair work.

Taking on our cleaning services will ensure that your car park is well-maintained and will ensure that your customers are left with a favourable impression of your environment.

Our team of expert cleaners will work safely and effectively to deal with the build-up of pollutants, dirt, grime and organic matter.

How do we carry out your cleaning service?

We achieve our high standards of cleaning through a combination of –

  • Our vast experience
  • The use of safe and environmentally friendly chemical applications
  • Specialist floor cleaning machines, car park floor sweepers, pressure washer, Industrial sweeper
  • Fully trained staff

By using a combination of high and low-pressure washing techniques, including soft washing and vacuuming, we achieve extraordinarily high standards of cleaning.

We ensure all elevated areas are fully and thoroughly cleaned, working to the most stringent health and safety standards you would expect.

For much of the work, we use the latest pressure cleaning technology.

With the pressure washer machine set up, we start the cleaning process. The machine shoots out a powerful stream of water, blasting away the accumulated dirt, oil and grime from your car park floor. No need for detergents. The pressurised water alone is enough.