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Employing professionals for your brick cleaning services boosts the life of your brickwork for years, leaving a piece of history in your family for generations to come.

Brick is a popular construction material in the UK, being durable and low maintenance…BUT cleaning brickwork does require specific do’s and don’ts to maintain its beauty and rugged finish.

And it’s not like you can use the same cleaners that you’ve used for your block paving or patio. Just like you clean wool and cotton differently, the same applies to various types of bricks.

Brick Usage in Construction

Seeing brickwork in residential and commercial properties is a common sight in the UK. It is one of the most resilient and weather-resistant building materials out there.

Bricks are into three main categories depending on their uses:

  1. Facing bricks

Facing brick is used for the external or visible part of a structure. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and comes in a wide range of colours and textures. Face bricks are resistant to outdoor elements and exposure as they are always used on the exterior walls.

Facing bricks can be divided into two types:

Soft mud bricks or clay bricks are moulded by hand and then manufactured through machines.

Extruded bricks or wire-cut bricks are produced by machines. They have a more uniform texture, shape, and consistency.

  1. Backing bricks

Backing bricks are used for internal or rear walls. They made for their practicality, not their aesthetics. Back bricks are also known as common bricks. They are usually covered or rendered after building.

Back bricks are used for indoor support where they can’t be seen.

  1. Engineering bricks

Engineering bricks are used for their strength and strong water absorption qualities. Common examples of their uses are sewers, groundwork, or retaining walls. They give structural support to structures.

Engineering bricks are commonly seen in commercial factories and underground.

Types of Bricks

There are different kinds of bricks based on how their manufacturing. Some of them are:

  • Burnt clay bricks – are made with wet clay and dried. They are burnt in a kiln to get their reddish colour. Typically used for walls and foundations
  • Concrete blocks –are stone blocks made of concrete in the required size or colour. They are not used below ground as they can’t bear the load. Used for fences or inside walls
  • Sand lime bricks – are made by mixing sand, fly ash, and lime. They are grey and with a smoother texture as compared to clay bricks. They are known for their strength to bear loads
  • Fly ash clay bricks – are made by mixing clay and fire ash. They are heat resistant but can expand when exposed to moisture. Used for foundation and structural walls
  • Fire bricks – are clay bricks made at very high temperatures that make them perfect for fireplaces, chimneys, or furnaces.

Benefits of Using Bricks For Your Building

  • Bricks are durable and strong
  • A brick building has a long lifespan and ages well
  • Fire-resistant
  • Not susceptible to rot
  • Offers protection against pests
  • Weather-resistant
  • Can bear large amounts of weight
  • Give your property a timeless and elegant facade

Different Types of Brick Cleaners

Each kind of brick requires different cleaning solutions to prevent damage and dicolouration. Since bricking can be easily damaged, it is advisable to start the cleaning with a milder solution and spot tests. The main problems with brickwork are:

  • Organic growth-moss, mildew, algae, and weeds
  • Chemical stains
  • Lackluster colour
  • Soot, oil, and grease stains

Some of the different classes of cleaners are:

Brick Cleaning Acid Solution

Acid-based solutions are the most powerful products for brick cleaning as they contain hydrochloric acid. They remove deposits, rust, and stubborn stains. Hydrochloric acid is dangerous as it can burn skin, plants, and vegetation.

There are specific instructions for mixing the acid cleaner before use. Do your research before using them. You must also be cautious when applying so that it doesn’t fall on any surrounding areas.

You must leave the brick acid cleaner on for about 10 minutes before washing.

Muriatic acid is the most popular solution for removing efflorescence from bricks. It is also a good concrete cleaner acid for stains, as well as an effective cement cleaner. Just browse muriatic cleaner UK to buy the best one.

It is readily available at home stores and is great for heavy-duty cleaning. But slap on some protective gear like bodysuits, gloves, and face shields.

Moss and Mildew Removers

Like block pavements, brickwork, especially on the exterior walls, is prone to organic growth like moss and algae. Furthermore, rear walls or brickwork that is not exposed to the sun regularly is susceptible to mold and mildew.

The British weather is mostly damp and overcast, the perfect breeding conditions for organic growth. Algae, mold, and mildew make your brick wall look dull and colourless. The ensuing dark and green spots mar the natural beauty of brickwork again got prematurely.

Bleach-based cleaning products are the most effective for getting the algae and lichen out. You can choose between the more toxic version that contains chlorine or a safer one like oxygen bleach.

Degreasing Agents

Degreasers remove oil, grease, and soot stains commonly caused by fireplaces and furnaces. They don’t work for the more stubborn stains but usually get the grease and the soot out. Detergents and soap-based cleaners are common degreasers and are perfect for routine cleaning and maintenance.

Paint Removers

Paint thinners remove paint from brickwork. They work for eliminating light paint layers and spots, not heavy ones.

The fumes from paint removers fumes are harmful if inhaled. Hence, take precautionary protective measures such as masks and gloves before using.


Old red brick waal

DIY Brick Cleaning

Routine cleaning of the brickwork on your property is essential in keeping them in tip-top condition.  Daily wear and tear, along with continuous weather exposure, take a toll on brick walls and surfaces.

How to Clean Brickwork Yourself

The first step towards cleaning any brick wall is to determine the type of brick used. There are different cleaning solutions and methods for each type of brick. For example, limestone bricks cannot take abrasive cleaning materials as they damage easily.

Buy the correct cleaning solution for your bricks, or make a homemade solution of water and vinegar. Dish soap and salt or baking soda is also a good option. Scrub with a stiff-bristled brush or broom to get the dirt and growth out.

Next comes the Prepping

Brick surfaces are highly absorbent. Furthermore, they can react differently to various cleaning agents because of diversity in textures and materials.

Hence, always do a patch test first before applying any cleaning solutions. Additionally, brick surfaces should be sprayed liberally with water before cleaning so that the soap isn’t absorbed. That will eventually cause corrosion and discolouration.

Cover the surrounding areas like your plants, garden, and other surfaces with plastic or a protective tarp. Brick acid wash, bleach, and chemicals are highly toxic and damage soil and plants. Even simple vinegar can cause harm.

Scrub, Scrub, and Wash

Apply the brick cleaning solution and let sit for a bit. Then take a stiff-bristled brush to scrub out the dirt and stains. Finish with hosing down your brick wall or cleaning it with warm water and cloth. Ensure that you get all the cleaning products off with a thorough rinsing to get a shiny and uniform finish.


  • Use the one-for-all approach for cleaning your brick exterior and interior. Each brick is crafted differently and requires a suitable cleaning solution
  • Apply cleaning agents directly on dry brick without spraying it with water first
  • Use metal wire brushes or abrasive tools to brick surfaces as they can cause scratches
  • Apply high pressure with power washers and hoses. They can crack and damage the brick with too much force. Also, make sure that your brick material can withstand pressure washing by checking with your brick contractor
  • Leave any product residue on the brickwork as it can cause corrosion.

And lastly, leave the stubborn stains, growth, and ingrained dirt that doesn’t come off with regular washing. Using too many acid-based cleaners, pressure washers, and abrasive tools will not leave you with a clean brick wall, but a severely damaged one instead.

The level of expertise required for a thorough deep clean requires a professional, not a DIY clean.

Professional Brick Cleaning Services

Each brick house or commercial property represents a piece of culture and history in the UK. That’s because brick is a timeless material showcasing elegance and sturdiness at the same time.

That is why professional brick cleaning services are not just about getting a wash. That is something you can do yourself. A professional clean is about restoration. It brings back the life and vibrance to your brickwork, giving back its rustic façade and durability for years to come.

Hiring specialist brick cleaners is a small expense to bear in return for a beautiful façade and vibrant brickwork.

Leave it to the experts who know how to clean exterior brick with brick acid, soft or pressure wash, and mortar stain remover.

They have modernised cleaning procedures that require high-pressure cleaning machines with nozzle sprays and water blasts. The cleaners use brick acid with safety precautions without any damage to not only your brickwork but the surrounding areas.

Brick cleaning for commercial buildings is even more difficult because of outdoor elements, graffiti, excessive wear and tear, environmental and pollutants. Furthermore, homeowners living in big cities like London and Manchester need professional brick cleaning services even more because of damage from smoke, acid rain, and pollution.

Brick cleaning is not just for older buildings. It is equally important for new buildings and structures with mortar stains, lime, and cement deposits.

Imagine investing in a beautiful new brick patio only to try to save money on removing the ensuing mortar and concrete residue yourself. It will only shorten the life of your brickwork and give the patio an unfinished and messy look.

Brick cleaning companies use mortar remover and cement cleaner as little as a week or two later to get the dried mortar and cement out. Their workmen use tools that painstakingly remove the deposits from the newly constructed brick walls or structures without harm.

For paint removal and stains from older brickwork, cleaning contractors have chemical paint removers that restore the brick without fading or damage.

Professional brick cleaning specialists are the smart choice because they have the skills and the know-how to tackle all kinds of brickwork cleaning and restoration to ensure their longevity and original finish.

Old brick cleaning using steam
Very old brick with lots of dirt to clean

Brick Maintenance

Brick is an extremely resilient material that requires little to no maintenance. But that does not mean that it cannot be damaged or weakened over time.

With only a few precautionary measures, you can make your brick houses, walls, patios, or buildings weather the test of time with style and endless good looks.

Bricks can withstand heat, weather, and environmental hazards. But they do have one weakness. Brick is a porous material that absorbs water that causes corrosion. And English weather has a lot of rain and dampness.

Brick structures that are constantly battered by rainwater get cracks in the mortar joints. Spotting them and replacing the mortar without delay can save your brickwork from further and long-term damage.

Another perk of the British weather is the long winters and overcast days. Brick walls that face away from the sunlight get mould and mildew. Moss and algae follow close behind. This organic growth needs to be dealt with with bleach and vinegar solutions and scrubbing to prevent discolouration. If you don’t know how to clean bricks with vinegar, it is advisable to consult your bricking engineer before attempting cleanup.

As your brickwork contractors are familiar with the materials used in your brickwork, they are the best people to guide you on how to clean the brick wall with non-abrasive and soft washing.

Building cleaning is popular in the UK and Stardust Cleaning comes highly recommended. What if you need natural stone cleaning? This will be achieved with health and safety in mind, using industrial cleaning equipment to a high standard, with specially formulated eco-friendly chemicals. Following a site survey, brick restoration services will be provided, using the latest, most innovative brick cleaning methods. Steam cleaning, pressure washing, jet washing, and other professional cleaning services, are provide without atmospheric pollutants.

Such small preventive measures are an excellent way to preserve your brick houses and buildings. And for the rest and in between, find an experienced and trustworthy contractor for high-quality brick cleaning services.