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Pressure cleaning for block paving

Where do we clean?

Operative using a pressure washing lance to remove Lichen

Regular block paving power washing

Preventing the build-up of dirt, grime and oil all year round.

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How does pressure washing for block paving work?

The key is in preparation and highly-trained technicians.

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Why use Stardust Cleaning Services?

Fast, Efficient, Friendly, Affordable

Block paving cleaning by pressure washing

Stumped with how to clean block paving driveways, paths, or patios? Don’t take your frustration out on your broken broom! Pack up your cleaning supplies and make way for the pressure washing specialists.

We offer affordable cleaning and maintenance solutions for all your block paving worries.

Kick back and relax with your favourite cup of tea while we restore your block paving slabs to their original glory. Bring back life to your house with a clean driveway and patios that are vibrant with colour.

Everyone loves a beautifully done block paved patio where you can sit down and unwind. Or a driveway that is practical but looks good at the same time.

The versatility of block paving lies with how each slab is laid down in different patterns and designs. It is both practical and pleasing to the eye. Block paving is a popular choice for homes as the interlocking pattern of the slabs makes it durable. Dirty looking patios, paving, etc can be cleaned to make them look new again.

The initial expense of hiring block pavers is high, but the maintenance costs are low over the long term. Furthermore it:

  • Adds to the beauty of your property
  • Raises the value of your asset
  • Keeps the property in tip-top condition
  • Is versatile as it has a wide range of colours and shapes to choose from
  • Is less costly to repair as you can replace individual slabs
  • Is durable against environmental conditions
  • Can be designed in a variety of different patterns
  • Only takes a couple of days to be installed.
Stardust operative cleaning a driveway
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Pressure washing technician cleaning a garden patio
Block Paving Cleaner carrying out work in Wellingborough
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Where is Block Paving used?

It is mostly used for:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Pavements

How it Works…

There are specialist companies and contractors who will examine and prepare the area you want paved. You can choose different colours, patterns, and materials according to your personal preference.

Such companies also offer additional services such as pressure washing for