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Black Spot Removal Company

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Fed up with unsightly black and white lichen spots on your patio?
Do they spoil the look of your home and garden?

Here’s the answer:
Pressure washing to remove block paving black spot

Pressure washing – Protecting property and people

Take a look at your patio. Is it covered with black and white spots?
Are they ruining the look of your home – and its value.
The longer you leave your patio dirty, the more difficult it will be to clean.

Pressure washing your patio to remove black & white spots?

Black and white spots are a form of lichen. They can be unsightly and incredibly difficult to remove. Fortunately, our technicians have the skill, experience and equipment to remove them. We use a highly potent, yet safe, cleaner, which gets right into the pores of the paving, eats away they infestation, without damaging the surface at all.

As part of the process, we apply our most powerful pressure cleaning equipment.

Our professional black and white spot removal service will restore your patio to its pristine best.

Our industry-leading pressure cleaning equipment will have your patio looking as good as new – in no time at all!

Black spot patio cleaner

For high-pressure jet cleaning to be effective on the black and white spot, we need to be visiting you twice a year – ideally in spring and autumn. The more often we pressure wash your patio, the less chance that black lichen will build up.

How do we carry out our patio cleaning service?

  • Step 2 – We confirm the price before preparing the pressure cleaning equipment. Of course, we need access to electricity and a water source.
  • Step 3 – With the pressure washing machine set up, we start the patio cleaning process. The machine shoots out a powerful stream of water, blasting away accumulated black and white spot from your patio.

We can only carry out this patio jet washing service if there is adequate drainage nearby.

Lichen and Black Spot Removal Services

Professional lichen and black spot removal services are the only way to get lichen out of outdoor surfaces. Regular soap and cleaner are not going to do anything to it. Neither is the scrubbing brush going to make a difference. Lichen is a fungus cosied up to algae. It can grow anywhere from your patio to your stone paths.

Al algae remover or a moss killer also do not work on it.

That’s because lichen, moss, and algae are three different organisms.

Moss is a living plant without roots and absorbs moisture through its leaves. It shows up as a fuzzy green growth on different surfaces.

Algae are plants that thrive in moist environments and are green, red, or brown.

Lichens are mostly fungus that is dependent on the algae they are residing with. Lichen:

  • Are mostly black or grayish green
  • Have a hard crust that is difficult to remove
  • Also form like flat green and hanging growth
  • Can survive in any climate but thrive in damp and wet places
  • Appear where there is sparse vegetation or older trees
  • Take their nutrients from the living algae
  • Grow very slowly
  • prefer stone surfaces as they feed on minerals in it
  • Lichen love terracotta, limestones, and block paving
  • Embed deeply beneath the hard surfaces
  • Lichen spores fall from trees and under leaves

Lichen on its own is not harmful, but it is a fungus that likes damp places. Once it’s there, it can attract mould and mildew that are also both fungi. Mould is especially dangerous as it eats up the material from the inside, causing rotting and structural damage. All thrive in damp areas. Lichen with mould, mildew, and moss are a hazard to all outdoor surfaces.

How to Spot Lichen

Lichen on stones usually appears as black spots on the surface. They favour wet and moist conditions that prevail in the UK.

Lichen growth initially shows with tiny black spots. It takes time to mature and spread. Hence it can be removed by scraping and pressure washing. But if these black spots take root, they spread across the whole area and are next to impossible to take out.

The lichen burrows inside the stone and needs to be killed at the root to stop the invasion. A black spot remover is applied once the lichen is dead. But it takes take several applications for complete removal, which is not a guarantee.

Black spots are commonly found on stone patios, driveways, and paving. Decking and roofing are not safe either.

Lichen has a hard, crusty surface, with a black, gray, or dark green colour.

If you find tough dark spots that don’t go away with regular hosing and washing, it means you have a lichen infestation.

Damage Caused by Lichen on Exterior Surfaces

Lichen and black spots are a major problem in the UK. Not only is it an eyesore, but it also decreases the lifespan of your exterior surfaces. It anchors deep inside, causing erosion and loosening mortar and joints.

Lichen growth is difficult to remove, and excessive scraping can damage the surface material. Pressure washing or scraping tools also ruin the paintwork and colour of your outdoor surfaces.

Lichen creates small holes in stone and brick, making the surface of your patio and driveway uneven and dangerous. The lichen roots travel deep down to causing cracks and structural damage.

It can grow under tiles, increasing moisture and rotting roofing material. Asphalt shingles bend and come loose with lichen growth. It sticks fast to surfaces when removed and takes off the top layer, aging your roof and paving.

Lichen holds water, and in cold icy temperatures, the water freezes, retaining moisture on roofs and causing leaks.

Moss and mould thrive in areas where there are lichens, leading to rot and health hazards for you and your family.

Lichen and Blackspot Removal DIY Guide

Lichen removal is not a one-time procedure. It takes several tries and a lot of patience.

What’s the solution?

Recognising the first sign of the black spot on your patio or roof and taking measures to stop them immediately.

When the first spot lichen first appears, it is only a shallow growth. You can remove it with high-pressure washing or a jet wash.

But as lichen spreads, power washing is useless. Even if you are successful in killing it with chemical sprays, the black spots remain. Also, tilework, bricking, and delicate stones cannot take the blast from high-pressure washing. The same applies to wire and metal brushes.

And lichen and black spot material requires harsh scrubbing and scraping to remove as it has a tough, crusty exterior. It is a time-intensive process that requires skill and patience because of the risk to the stone surface or paint.

Bleach and water are also popular homemade remedies for lichen and black spot removal. Though you can’t be sure about how much of the lichen it will remove. Some of it almost always remains, but you can lighten the black spots and stop their growth with repetitive bleach treatments.

Just mix equal parts of bleach and water and spray it on the stone. Leave it for a couple of hours and wash. Always do a test patch before applying so that you don’t damage your patio or block paving.

Another option is to use a sodium hypochlorite patio cleaner. It is a stronger version of bleach and must be handled carefully. It can harm the surrounding greenery and furnishings, hence cover them beforehand. Sodium hypochlorite must also be diluted before use. Wear a mask and protective gear before spraying. Leave it for several hours and scrub with a stiff brush. Wash it off with a power hose to get the lichen off.

You will still need to repeat this process several times to get most of the lichen out.

There is a wide range of outdoor cleaners available in the market for lichen and black spot removal. Wet and Forget cleaners are a particular favourite in the UK. Screwfix patio cleaner and Prokleen Black spot remover are also popular choices.

But even outdoor DIY cleaning products for lichen and moss removal need to be used a minimum of three times to get the growth out.

And they are costly. You must have spraying equipment, protective gear, and know how to use a pressure washer.

Especially on roofs, where lichen, along with moss on roof tiles, dirt, and mould, can become a nightmare to clean.


  • Use a high-pressure power washer on stones
  • Always test sodium hypochlorite cleaners before spraying as they can leech colour off surfaces
  • Be wary when using acid-based cleaners as they can permanently damage stones
  • Allow bleach and cleaning products to dry on surfaces
  • Clean when expecting rain as it won’t allow the lichen removal solutions to work.

Hiring cleaning companies for lichen and black spot removal is essential for maintaining your roofs, patios, and drives. Lichen is an invasive growth that is inevitable with the English weather.

Protect your investment and maintain your pride and joy with specialised lichen and black spot removal services.

Professional Lichen and Blackspot Removal Services

Professional lichen and black spot removal contractors have the appropriate cleaning solutions for all your outdoor surfaces. They have high- and low-pressure washers, jet sprays, and power washing and soft washing.

Experienced cleaning contractors will clear away the black spot lichen, moss, and algae without turning your patio stones orange or breaking tiles. They have industrial-grade equipment and the skillset to get the job done to eliminate both the surface lichen spores and the embedded ones.

Lichen and black spot removal specialists have sealants and protective solutions to prevent regrowth and colonisation of lichen. Deeper black spots require more than one application. The various nozzles and attachments for sprays and washing ensure that no harmful chemicals damage the surrounding areas, furniture, and plants.

The lichen waste and debris are disposed of without blocking drains and gutters. Not only that but specialist cleaning services:

  • Increase the lifespan of your roof, patio, decking, brickwork, and driveways
  • Appreciate the value of your property
  • Qualify your property for insurance claims
  • Root out mould and mildew
  • Save you from future costly repairs

Lichen Prevention

Even though lichen is a natural occurrence on almost all exterior surfaces, there are some steps you can take to protect against it.

Regularly trim hanging growth from touching your roof and walls. It will stop lichen and moss spores from dropping on them and allow sunlight to penetrate. Sweep the plants and leaves from your patios and decks to stop lichen attaching to them.

Carry out routine checkups for black spots and immediately scrub them off before they spread. The shaded and damp areas require closer inspection and care.

Always treat the entire area for a uniform finish, not just the black spots. Regular bleach washing also keeps away lichen, algae, moss, and mould.

Invest in good-quality paving sealants that prevent regrowth.

And lastly, don’t treat lichen with only an algae remover. It is a mixture of fungus and algae, with the fungi being the stronger of the two. Weed killers also do not make any difference. Lichen is an invasive organism that has been around for centuries. It requires careful handling that only professional lichen and black spot removal contractors can provide.