Black Spot Lichen Removal

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pressure cleaning block paving

Pressure cleaning to remove black and  white Lichen

Where do we clean?

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Regular Patio power washing

Preventing the build-up of black and  white spot all year round

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How does pressure washing for Black Lichen Removal?

Fast, Efficient, Friendly, Affordable

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Fast, Efficient, Friendly, Affordable

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Black Spot Removal Company

Fast | Efficient | Friendly | Affordable

Fed up with unsightly black and white lichen spots on your patio?
Do they spoil the look of your home and garden?

Here’s the answer:
Pressure washing to remove block paving black spot

Pressure washing – Protecting property and people

Take a look at your patio. Is it covered with black and white spots?
Are they ruining the look of your home – and its value.
The longer you leave your patio dirty, the more difficult it will be to clean.

Pressure washing your patio to remove black & white spots?

Black and white spots are a form of lichen. They can be unsightly and incredibly difficult to remove. Fortunately, our technicians have the skill, experience and equipment to remove them. We use a highly potent, yet safe, cleaner, which gets right into the pores of the paving, eats away they infestation, without damaging the surface at all.

As part of the process, we apply our most powerful pressure cleaning equipment.

Our professional black and white spot removal service will restore your patio to its pristine best.

Our industry-leading pressure cleaning equipment will have your patio looking as good as new – in no time at all!

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Black and White spot removal
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Black spot patio cleaner

For high-pressure jet cleaning to be effective on the black and white spot, we need to be visiting you twice a year – ideally in spring and autumn. The more often we pressure wash your patio, the less chance that black lichen will build up.

How do we carry out our patio cleaning service?

  • Step 2 – We confirm the price before preparing the pressure cleaning equipment. Of course, we need access to electricity and a water source.
  • Step 3 – With the pressure washing machine set up, we start the patio cleaning process. The machine shoots out a powerful stream of water, blasting away accumulated black and white spot from your patio.

We can only carry out this patio jet washing service if there is adequate drainage nearby.

Black Spot Lichen Removal – why use Stardust Cleaning Services?