If you’re looking for pressure washing services also known as jet washing services in Northamptonshire, across The Midlands and Northern Home Counties, then you might be unsure about which local cleaning company to choose. Here’s a few tips to help you on your journey to finding the best pressure services near you.

Check cleaning company reviews and testimonials

The first thing you want to check is reviews and testimonials:

At Stardust Cleaning for example, our customers leave us fantastic reviews because our cleaning services are top notch. Check this screenshot below for some of our reviews and you’ll see for yourself:Stardust Cleaning Google Reviews

The aspects of reviews from a good cleaning company that really stand out, are professionalism and transparency. It is what it says on the tin. You need to know that you’re getting what you pay for and be happy with the cleaning service.

Another important aspect of choosing the best pressure washing service for your residential or commercial property is to make sure that pressure washing is actually the best fit for what you need cleaning. Stardust Cleaning provides a range of different cleaning solutions and will not use the incorrect solution for the job at hand. For example, you wouldn’t pressure wash a house wall as the high pressure would cause damage – soft washing is the correct solution for this. Stardust Cleaning knows this and will provide professional cleaning consulting advice to help you choose the right solution for the given application.

A good cleaning company stands behind their work

It’s good for work to come with a guarantee that the work is up to a professional standard. Choose a professional cleaning company that’s been in the business for years so you’ll know their work is tried and trusted.

Using commercial grade supplies and equipment

The best cleaning companies use top notch equipment and commercial grade supplies. This way you know you’re getting the job done thoroughly and completed in good time. Trying to use a domestic cleaning tool for a big job is equivalent to trying to clean a bath with a toothbrush. You’d eventually get the job done but it would take a good while! Using the correct supplies that consumers cannot purchase also means that the correct chemicals are used. Stardust Cleaning operatives are qualified to use commercial grade cleaning chemicals such as weed killer which will kill weeds. Some of the domestic products just won’t do the job thoroughly enough. Stardust Cleaning operatives hold PA1 and PA6 which are the 2 pesticide theory units.

A good cleaning company is transparent about their process

There should be no smoke and mirrors when it comes to a service you’re paying for. Stardust Cleaning will talk you through the process if you require it, before commencing the work.

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