Are gutter cleaning services necessary?

All too often, we see homeowners neglecting their gutters – assuming that, because it sits superficially on the outside of their home, its job can’t be integral to the safe upkeep of the house.

But despite its aesthetic design and outside fitting, the gutter which runs under the roofline of the home is, in fact, crucial to the health of the roof above it – ensuring that rainwater is free to run down off the roof, along with the guttering and into a safe drain deposit down on the ground.

Step outside for a moment and take a look at your guttering.
You will notice that the piping runs around the upper skirt of your home, with pipework running down to the ground level in at least one, if not more, locations.

Why do we need to keep our gutters clean?

Over time, the pipe guttering around the top of the house becomes littered with debris, falling leaves and even the occasional birds’ nest – and it is your job to frequently assess the health of your gutter and determine when it might need clearing out.

One of the most apparent signs of a gutter which requires attention is one which is dripping or cascading flow of water out at one particular point – indicating a blockage which is stopping water from running through to the drain.

When this happens, it’s time to get up your ladder or call a professional.

But what happens if we ignore the problem?

1. Roof Damage.

One of the most fundamental – and expensive – problems with a blocked gutter is the damage it can cause to your roof.
After all, if rainwater cannot safely flow off the roof and away from your home, it is merely going to sit there and cause everything from roof moss to real damage and potential leaks.

2. Damage to the foundation of the home.

If the rainwater is not from flowing along the gutter and down through the drain, it will fill up around the blockage and spill over the sides of the guttering – causing cascades of water to drip and pool in the same area.
Over time, this continued excess collection of water around the base of the home is going to seep into and create damage around the foundations – especially when winter comes and the water freezes.

3. Bracket damage.

The brackets that hold up the guttering. Still, if blockages mean the guttering is put under continued strain holding large amounts of trapped water, it is going to damage the brackets – creating an unsightly finish and a massive job to replace them.

4. Damage to your garden.

Large overspills of water onto your surrounding ground may well cause garden plants to drown, particularly if they happen to be sitting right around the base of the home.

5. Pests!

Clogged up gutters can become nesting sites for many household pests – most of which you would rather keep away and can do so by ensuring your channel runs freely and cleanly.
In short, whether you choose to get up your ladder and clear the gutter yourself, or call in a professional team to conduct a safety assessment.

Removal of all debris, gutter cleaning is one of the fundamental tasks through which we can protect all sorts of different areas of our home.
Just because it sits outside the home, doesn’t mean it can’t affect the properties overall structure and safety – so get in touch today to discuss your next gutter cleaning services.

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