Though this may seem like a very niche article designed for those with children, wet pour surfaces are becoming increasingly popular as the playground, nursery, school and other outdoor surface solutions for areas where children are likely to play.

Made up of rubber granules bound together, wet pour surfacing lessens the impact from falls and tumbles, and is super easy to maintain.

With most opting for a soft wash cleaning method which ensures the surface is clean, as well as regular brushing to remove debris and other items which could cause injury.

Why is the cleaning method for wet pour surfacing so important?

Due to its porous surface and small crevices into which stones and bits of debris can easily become lodged, it is key that your wet pour surfacing is maintained and cleaned regularly.

Of course, one of the challenges of this is that wet pour is most often found in public spaces and community playgrounds rather than in personal gardens, placing the responsibility for the cleaning and upkeep on the business owner or council rather than an individual family.

As such, wet pour is often one of the most popular enquiries we get as a professional cleaning company, with people coming to us to ensure that their wet pour surface is cleaned regularly, effectively, and thoroughly in order to retain the highest levels of safety for children.

Using soft wash on a wet pour surface

First and foremost, before beginning the cleaning process, we recommend completely clearing the area of any children and parents, erecting a sign that states the play area will be closed for a short while during a thorough clean.

While soft wash is not regarded as a particularly dangerous or corrosive solution, users with sensitive skin can sometimes be left with a mild irritation after coming into contact with the substance.

So in the interests of complete health and safety, it should always be the priority of your chosen cleaner to keep the area clear and to wash away all traces of the substance before regular use returns.

The application and cleaning process itself is simple:

• Brush away debris and the worst of the first using a stiff bristle brush
• Apply the soft wash using a hose pipe or regular pressure washer, directing the jet stream into every corner but taking care not to be too direct with the force of the jet
• Leave the solution in place got a full 60 minutes before rinsing
• Rinse the area thoroughly, taking care to wash away all traces of the substance
• Leave the surface to dry completely before letting children use the area again

Ensuring health and safety

To ensure the clean is don’t as thoroughly and effectively as possible, without leaving trace residue atop or in the cracks of the wet-pour surface, we would always recommend bringing in a professional cleaner to conduct the clean.

Not only will they be able to complete the job quickly and easily using an array of professional tools, but they will also work to health and safety standards across all areas of the job – often for a very competitive price.

To get a quote or to discuss the cleaning process for your local soft wash wet pour surface, get in touch with the friendly team at Stardust Cleaning.