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When you engage the services of Stardust Cleaning, you can expect to receive up to date expertise, competitive prices and a straightforward, excellent result...

  • Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Deep-Cleaning
  • Carpet Protection and Fabric Protection
  • From a single carpet clean to a complete office block
  • Carpet stain removal, odour removal, flea infestation removal, dust mite treatments

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Carpet cleaning whole house from

1 Bed


2 Bed


3 Bed


4 Bed


5 Bed



How it's done

We use the hot water extraction process to put the life back into your carpets. The results are brilliant as you have seen above.

We start with an inspection to assess the overall condition of your carpet, its construction, fibre type and whether the dyes could run, whilst also looking for any areas that may need ‘spot cleaning’. Then we’ll do a pre-vacuum, followed by a spot clean of any areas found to need special treatment. This is followed by a pre-spray, then we brush out any loose dirt before we bring out the big guns – our hot water extraction equipment. Finally, a rake over to bring up the pile and give it that newly-laid look.

The hot water extract process ensures no sticky residues or chemical odours are left behind, just fresh-smelling, beautifully clean and hygienic carpets! It’s the cleaning method recommended by most leading carpet manufacturers.


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